A clean bike is a happy bike

While most of us are completely smashed after a ride or a race, our prized steeds need to be cleaned to prevent further damage to their precious parts. Here are some ideas on how to keep your bike clean during the holidays.

Cleen Green 750ml | RRP R69 | www.makro.co.za

Yes, this good old household staple will clean your bike in no time. Its affordable, available in bulk sizes and
my publisher swears by its cleaning power! Simply spray it on your bike, wait a few minutes and rinse off. During a recent muddy Wines2Whales, Cleen Green effectively cleaned his bike without any hassles. No bleach or ammonia and its biodegradable. Cleen Green is a great general-purpose degreaser and cleaner.



Addis Wet Wipes | RRP R74.99 | www.clicks.co.za

Don’t knock it before you’ve tried it! Wet wipes are the bomb. Although these ones are not industrial strength or a grease fighter. They should be used after you’ve washed your bike to properly clean your hands – without using any more water.


Park Tool Brush Set | RRP R325 | www.evobikes.co.za

Mountain bikes are intricate machines and one does not simply grab any odd brush to clean them. That is where this magnificent Park Tool brush set comes in. With four different brushes, you are sure to reach every nook and cranny – we’re looking at you CASSETTE!


Nam Gear Multi Travel Pack Box | RRP R150 | www.cwcycles.co.za

Perfect for when your travelling or doing a race away from home. The travel box includes bike wash, chain lube, polish and a micro fibre cloth. Compact enough to leave in your car makes this a must have item.



Muc- Off: Complete Bike Wash Kit| RRP R799 | www.sportsmanswarehouse.co.za

I have a feeling this might be the perfect Christmas gift! Yes, it’s a lot of money, but the kit includes everything you’ll ever need to wash and clean your bike. Included amongst other things is a sponge and multiple brushes. The container it comes in easily doubles as your bucket too.


Sportsmans Warehouse Silicone Spray 400ml | RRP R95 | www.sportsmanswarehouse.co.za

Silicone spray is one those wonder products with plenty of uses for your mountain bike. During summer you can use silicone spray for its dust-repellent properties while it can be used as a lubricant or even as a waterproofing agent on moving parts. It’s cheap and has multiple uses – make sure you have a can nearby at all times.


White Lightning Easy Wash | RRP R180 | www.cwcycles.co.za

To be honest, I only included this product because of its cool name! It is rather unique in a sense though – it’s a foaming bike cleaner that works without prerinsing. It is formulated to safely remove road and trail grime, nutrition residue, oil splatters, rim glaze, and perspiration stains. It can also be used on outdoor gear including kayaks, paddleboards, camping and hiking equipment, fitness equipment, surf boards, outdoor furniture, and more.



Big Wipes Multi Purpose | RRP R90 (ex. import tax) | www.toolbank.com

After watching a YouTube tutorial about these heavyduty wipes, we were easily convinced by their abilities. These are different to other wipes we’ve featured, and they can be used to remove oil, grease and all types of grime from any surface. All their wipes are dermatologically tested while the water-based formula is preservativefree, antibacterial and biodegradable.


Bag of Rags 5kg | RRp R119 | www.takealot.com

Like the mythical missing sock phenomenon, we seem to run out of rags to clean our bikes on a far too regular occasion. Sure, you can use your old towels or even a worn-out shirt, but nothing beats having a whole bag of clean rags! Plenty of shops sell these massive bags full of pre-cut rags which are perfect for
keeping your bike clean throughout the entire year.






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