A Little Change, With More to Come

So there are a few changes afoot at Full Sus. The first one you’re noticing is that it now falls upon me to write this Ed’s Letter and pull the issue together in some sort of succinct fashion. It seems so easy in theory but when you’ve been down the rabbit hole trying to focus on all the little details of producing the issue it’s actually a nifty trick to be able to sit up and take stock of the newspaper as a whole…

But first let me doff a cap to Shayne. It’s not just on Full Sus and Full Stride where our little publishing company has been manically at work. We’ve got a new title called the Tavern Times, look out for it next time you go to Mzolis for a shisa nyama. And alongside the launch of the Tavern Times there are a host of other exciting plans which need to be realised while the iron is still hot. Plus there are opportunities for diversifying Full Sus and the original magazine which started it all, Cheers, to take care of. So Shayne’s giving up the responsibility of writing the Editorial Letter, but you’ll still be reading lots of his stories as he’ll be writing ride reports and gear reviews as usual.

Back to the copy of Full Sus you’re holding in your hands. In this issue we spoke to the young ripper Luke Moir, visited Tokai to see how the post-fire rehabilitation is coming along and feature the Cape Winelands Encounter and Arabella Challenge stage races. Meanwhile the contributors focus on ways to stay motivated for winter riding, except the Stirlings who are too busy speccing their dream bikes to care about the shorter hours of daylight. We’ve also reviewed a bunch of thermal tops to help you pick which one(s) will be keeping you toasty on those icy morning rides. For this issue’s bike review we put the Merida One Twenty through its paces, so turn to page 16 to check it out.

Looking ahead we’ve got more changes on the horizon with a new layout in the final design phases. It’s going to be a slicker and more modern looking Full Sus, so keep an eye on our social media channels for sneak peeks.

Don’t let the cold put you off riding this winter, enter a couple of races or use the soft ground to your advantage and work on the skills you’re too scared to practise in summer when the trails are hard baked.



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Headline:      Sus the Growth

This is the 35th issue of Full Sus since our launch in April 2013. And so we thought we’d share a few stats with you.

We’re Nationwide (Map of South Africa)

Number of outlets per province:

Western Cape: 114

Eastern Cape: 16

KZN: 26

Gauteng: 75

Free State: 10

Mpumalanga: 6

North West Province: 3

Limpopo: 1

Northern Cape: 1

Botswana & Namibia: 3

We’ve upped our circulation from 10 000 to 16 000.

edit two

Plus you can read Full Sus on your tablet, phone or computer for free too.edit one

And we’ve got a trail running sister publication, Full Stride, inside Full Sus four times a year. But keep an eye on Full Stride we’ve got some interesting plans for it too…

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