Our crazy Tequila drinking, mountain biking, downhill racing lady, TAMY DANIEL, recently spent a day at the splendid Wolwespruit trails.


I’m not an early morning person at all, so for me to wake up and get going takes two black coffees and three hours later to eventually start riding … luckily for me my brother was my driver, so I could take an extra hour to wake up on the way to Wolwespruit. We got there and got greeted by Marshal (such an amazing character), who then described the various trails we can test and play on. Holy sh*t … there are so many different trails and different riding options to take here. We started on the XCO trail, for which, this time, I had a little more energy due to the fact I wasn’t hungover. We took the DH bikes because I heard there was a very cool rock garden (which I was too shit-scared to attempt), but I at least looked at it. But we rode almost all the trails we saw on the mountain, there were a few switchbacks and drop-offs, but I felt like these trails were made with love and consideration for various types of riders. So, for those who haven’t ever been there, here’s a small break down, keep in mind that there are so many various trails to play on, so you will want to stay the whole day to better your own skills:



+ BLACK – ADVANCED – 1.5 km

Wolwespruit caters for all skill levels.

After that we decided to go ride the other side of the hill where we stumbled upon a nice little section where there were amazing berms, whoops, and mini table tops, so I started getting ballsy and wanted to go faster and faster, this place really encourages you to build up your skills and confidence at your own pace. There are such beautiful trees around so you are not constantly in the sun. Kudos to the trail builders, especially on this section because they added a nice drop-off going into a berm at the end which I promise you, made me think this was it, this was my happy place.

After that, obviously I got super hungry so we missioned back to get some chow at PLTFRM Wolwespruit, seriously their staff and food was on top form! We ordered salads, burgers and cold drinks to get some energy back before the next mission. But the salad I had was off the hook, it had such beautiful flowers in it and was so filling, clearly all their ingredients are super fresh, and their presentation was also amazing. So, we decided to hit the pump track next … on the DH bikes nonetheless. I felt like such a bad-ass cause there were kids and they were really digging the KTM, so I tried to pump but clearly I’m not a good pumper (pomper – if I say it with my Afrikaans accent) … Anyways after a few attempts I managed to slay the pumps a few times, so I was stoked, it gave me such a great workout … I could literally only go like eight times before feeling my body wanting to give in.

Long travel bikes = big air jumps!

So I obviously needed a break to catch my breath, so I told the kids to take the KTM and have fun. Man those kids really have a lot of energy and such big smiles when they were riding, the one lighty asked if he could take the KTM on the tables top section and I was like ”go for it bru”, helmet first and gloves on and you’re good to go’. After I got most of my energy back I decided to give the table tops a shot; holy f*ck, next time I’m only riding the table tops, they were built like a boss, this was really amazing to boost my skills (I honestly love table tops, they always make my day), but I highly suggest it for any rider, to build up confidence and skills, even the cross country lightys were on there, shredding it up and having a jol. I wish I had the same amount of energy as them sometimes. After I used all that my body could give and spending literally the whole day there, we decided to treat ourselves with the MOST amazing peanut butter milkshake I have ever tasted from PLTFRM Wolwespruit.

Remember those candy coated peanut butter treats you used to eat or still do, it tasted like that but better … like way BETTER! I definitely recommend going to Wolwe for a ride and lunch for the whole family, it was honestly a great day out and I would like to thank Wolwies and Johan for the entrance. I would highly recommend any rider to go check out this hot spot.

LOL – Lots Of Love

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