Author: Kath Fourie


Our regular contributor KATH FOURIE has been with Full Sus since 2013. This Ezel Enduro report will unfortunately be her last. 2017 has been a tough year. I guess I realised, when I started displaying signs of someone whose experienced maybe a bit too much trauma, that I needed a […]

My friend JayHound

Regular contributor KATH FOURIE gives some advice about taking care of your bike I am a person who likes to focus on knowing the basics, and leaving the not-so-basic to the experts. For example, I can make a quiche quite happily, but ask me to make a soufflé and I’ll […]

Raising Rippers

KATH FOURIE shares her thoughts on why it’s beneficial for kids to start riding at a young age. When it comes to children, bicycles are perhaps one of the first steps a little one can take towards growing up. There are so many things that are off limits to kids […]