Race Navigation

If you’ve done more than a few rides you’ve inevitably done it, missed a route marker and hared off in the wrong direction. Maybe you realised your mistake within meters or maybe you only found out 5km down the road when confronted by an intersection conspicuously unmarked. So Seamus Allardice […]

Notes from the best Epic yet…

The 2014 ABSA Cape Epic has been one for the history books. From the race for five between Karl Platt and Christoph Sauser, and the equal prize money for the women in the build-up, to the ever changing lead in the early phases of the race all made the 2014 […]

Out of Africa

By Isabel Wolf-Gillespie  In September 2013 my husband Lloyd Gillespie, my sister Raphaela Wolf and I along with our ridgeback Mr P arrived back in Durban after 4 months and 18 days on the road for the Rhino Knights campaign around Southern Africa. Rhino Knights, is a campaign aimed at […]

Woes of a cycling widow

When Karen Visser’s husband (Ryan) first got a bike, she thought “this is going to be great!” We had been married just under a year and due to all that puppy love, he had picked up roughly 10kgs. I thought cycling would be a fun thing to do together and […]

Hows and Watts Part 2

In his follow up to last month’s piece on the history of the mighty bicycle loose cannon columnist David Bristow makes a bold prediction about how the battle of the wheel sizes will be resolved… It is generally accepted that mountain biking (or bundu biking as I think it should […]

Behind the scenes at the Epic

There’s no getting around it, March is Epic month. If you’re not riding you’ll be watching. It’s watched all over the world on television and thousands of column inches are dedicated to how tough it is on the riders. But what about the support crews? What goes on behind the […]