Hows and Watts Part 2

In his follow up to last month’s piece on the history of the mighty bicycle loose cannon columnist David Bristow makes a bold prediction about how the battle of the wheel sizes will be resolved… It is generally accepted that mountain biking (or bundu biking as I think it should […]

Behind the scenes at the Epic

There’s no getting around it, March is Epic month. If you’re not riding you’ll be watching. It’s watched all over the world on television and thousands of column inches are dedicated to how tough it is on the riders. But what about the support crews? What goes on behind the […]

Magic 30 take on the ABSA Cape Epic

How did you get an entry is always the first question people ask when they hear you’re doing the ABSA Cape Epic. Quickly followed by why are you doing it? Well, through golf John Baily met Greg James, Founder of The JAG Foundation – Greg encouraged him to do the […]

Sani Diary

Every now and then, someone gets the bright idea to ride up Sani Pass. In fact there is even an event now, The Sani Transfrontier Epic, which means more than a few people think it’s worth doing. Those more than a few people include Dave Drummond and Kathryn Fourie. 

Buying a bike on credit

We all want that full carbon, super light do it all bike with the latest and greatest in bicycling technology. But it comes at a price… With the exponential growth of mountain biking, more and more people are finding that they need to take out a loan to get themselves […]