When disaster strikes!

The concept for this column was suggested by one of my patients.  He said I know some useful stuff that others might want to know. Information, he felt, that would have been helpful to him before he fell and broke his collarbone, which would have prepared him to tackle the […]


Here’s your 2017 stage race calendar- look out for the hard copy in the Dec/Jan issue of Full Sus and good luck for all your 2017 riding goals, from the Full Sus team! Full Sus Helps with Race Choices: Full Sus now has four years of race reports, pre-event features […]


Lance Stephenson takes a look at bike warranties and what recourse you have when you find your precious, expensive baby has a major frame problem. Mountain biking is hard on your equipment.  We barrel along rocky paths on thin walled rubber tyres, we drag the brakes down long descents to […]