Epic Advice

With the Absa Cape Epic just around the corner Dr Mike Posthumus has addressed some common questions to settle any nerves and help you ace the last two weeks of prep. As the Cape Epic approaches, we thought it would be perfect timing to rather pick our coach, Dr Mike’s […]

The Clock is Ticking

With the first race of the year, the Attakwas, now behind them Craig Kolesky and Rudolf Zuidema talk you through the final stages of preparation for the 2016 Cape Epic. So the holidays are over and the back-to-work blues are kicking in. Despite the months of training behind us Attakwas […]

Beating the Plateau

In this issue Dr Mike Posthumus answers a reader’s question on how to improve without following a specific training programme. Dear Dr Mike, I seem to have hit a plateau with my riding. I’m riding as much as I realistically can, about 6 to 8 hours a week. I don’t […]

Do I need a powermeter?

In this issue Dr Mike Posthumus answers a reader’s training related question about whether or not he needs a powermeter. Dear Dr Mike, All my riding partners seem to have recently purchased powermeters. They have all been convinced that you are not able to train without one. I would like […]

The Not So Sweet Spot

In this issue Dr Mike Posthumus answers a reader’s training related question regarding the infamous training “sweet spot”. Dear Dr Mike I have read a lot of contrasting information about what has been called “the sweet spot”. Some recommend training in this zone and others warn to avoid it. What […]

DALDA Questionnaire

The Daily Analysis of of Life Demands for Athletes questionnaire (DALDA) is a DIY method of measuring your response to training. Complete the questionnaire honestly, daily and keep your responses on file. If you indicate “Worse than Normal” for a particular stressor for three days in a row it’s time to […]

Ask Dr Mike

In this issue Dr Mike Posthumus answers readers training related questions regarding indoor trainers and strength training.  “Dear Dr Mike I’ve committed to a rigorous Science to Sport training program to prepare me for the 2015 Cape Pioneer Trek. I train early mornings and have already started having difficulty training […]