Ask Dr Mike

In this issue Dr Mike Posthumus answers readers training related questions regarding indoor trainers and strength training.  “Dear Dr Mike I’ve committed to a rigorous Science to Sport training program to prepare me for the 2015 Cape Pioneer Trek. I train early mornings and have already started having difficulty training […]

Skills: Part II

This month, ladies, Diana Carolin will take a deeper look into your riding skills, your biggest obstacle, and hopefully she can help with a few tips she’s picked up along the way. First though I’d like to share a major fear that I had when I starting out and how […]

XCO vs XCM training

In this issue Dr Mike Posthumus answers a reader’s training related question regarding the similarities and differences between an Olympic distance cross country training programme and a marathon or stage race specific training programme. Reader Question Dear Dr Mike Thank you for the high quality columns. I recently purchased a […]

Constant Stiff Legs?

In this issue Dr Mike Posthumus answers a reader’s training related question about why he just couldn’t shake off his constantly stiff legs. Dear Dr Mike I just would like to know how I can get rid of my stiff legs. I am a road cyclist, mountain biker and runner. […]

ABSA Cape Epic Tips

As we are approaching the 2015 Absa Cape Epic, Dr Mike Posthumus thought he’ll share with you some tips on how to complete and compete in this gruelling race by briefly discussing preparation and race strategy. Pacing: “How Should I pace myself during the Epic?” This must be one of […]

Improving your torque

Training to improve your strength does not have to happen in a gym, so in this issue Dr Mike Posthumus briefly discusses how to improve your leg strength on the bike and why it is so important. When measuring the performance of your car’s engine, one of the critical measures […]