ABSA Cape Epic Tips

As we are approaching the 2015 Absa Cape Epic, Dr Mike Posthumus thought he’ll share with you some tips on how to complete and compete in this gruelling race by briefly discussing preparation and race strategy. Pacing: “How Should I pace myself during the Epic?” This must be one of […]

Improving your torque

Training to improve your strength does not have to happen in a gym, so in this issue Dr Mike Posthumus briefly discusses how to improve your leg strength on the bike and why it is so important. When measuring the performance of your car’s engine, one of the critical measures […]

Racing with Power

In this issue Dr Mike Posthumus briefly discusses the benefits of using a power meter during racing. In the April Full Sus Coaching Column (read it at, I discussed the benefits of training with a power meter and provided some alternatives if you could not afford a power meter. […]

Eccentric Cycling for added strength

Enhanced muscle size and strength has been unequivocally shown to enhance cycling performance. It goes without saying that muscle size and strength is increased by strength training. However strength training may incorporate either predominantly concentric contractions or eccentric contractions. In this issue Dr Mike Posthumus briefly discusses the potential benefit […]

Gear up for winter

In this issue Dr Mike Posthumus briefly discusses tips on gearing up for winter through indoor training. Winter is upon us and the inclement weather will be affecting most of us on a more regular basis. This is often a difficult time to maintain training focus and fitness. However, if […]

The ins and outs of strength training

In this issue Dr Mike Posthumus briefly reviews the scientific literature on the use of strength training to improve cycling performance. Strength training has recently become increasingly popular among cyclists. Although traditionally cyclists have been fearful of strength training due to a possible increase in body weight or muscle bulk. […]