It’s a lekker feeling!

I have been sent the jokes encouraging us all to abandon our bikes and head back to the fairways. It’s frightening to see the numbers being bantered around regarding the fall-off of rounds per year on the golf courses and despite a finger being pointed to cycling, particularly MTB, it […]

Lost Trails and New Opportunities

Imagine walking out into your backyard and it was no longer there. It’s a bit farfetched, or like something out of a sci-fi flick, highly unlikely to happen but if it did… well that’s kinda what it feels like having watched Tokai and the Southern slopes of Table Mountain burn […]


We embarked on our first Full Sus sales trip to Gauteng in February and were pleasantly surprised to see how well Full Sus has been received, by not only the industry suppliers, but also our readers up there. Wherever we went the shops had the latest copy and were either […]

Rested and raring to go!

By now all of us are back into the swing of things and we are furiously working to get back into our fitness routine and trying hard to work off the remnants of furious festive feeding. It might be my imagination but the year seems to have started with a […]

It’s a jungle out there!

I have started writing this piece a number of times now. I’ve been struggling with finding a way to be politically correct in conveying my sadness at the loss of life of two of our young sports stars as well as complete contempt and disgust at how they died – […]

Crime moves off-road!

So I thought I would start with the weather… again.  In case you haven’t noticed it’s Spring! Now for you folk around the country who have summer rainfall or if you’re in KZN and have pretty much the best winters anywhere, this may not be as an auspicious occasion as […]

New Bike Season

The bike industry is gearing up for the new season. It’s an exciting time for everyone because it means new bikes, accessories, gear, tech and clothing. The new bikes have been filtering into the bike shops already, normally the entry level models are here first, I guess the more technology […]

Into thin air… altitude training at sea level!

I have started training for this year’s Wine2Whales, faithfully following Dr Mike Posthumus’ training program. Then I got a call from Xavier Scheepers, at BikePlus, and he proposed that I incorporate their Altitude Centre into the programme. Mike and the guys from Science2Sport have collaborated with the Altitude Centre and […]