More Tours Please

April is a month of public holidays; great for getting out there and ripping up the trails but shocking if you are running a small business, not only our business, but also for the bike shops. Yes, the guys open as often as they can but there are staff considerations […]

Anniversary Issue

Our one year anniversary – it’s hard to imagine that we have been around for a year already. An entire calendar year of MTB events and now our second ABSA Cape Epic. Time sure flies when you’re having fun… My biggest thanks besides to all our contributors, regulars, Seamus and […]

What an Epic month!

12 issues ago we started Full Sus. A little newspaper that had (has) big aspirations and was given very little chance at survival, but like the blokes that sleep in tents and are doing the Epic, we have gutsed it out. Realistically we are probably only on day two of […]

Don’t lose your MTB mojo!

“I’m a little bored with riding so I started trail running”… wtf?  Bored of riding and then running to alleviate boredom seems to be the buzz phrase right now and I have quite literally heard it from at least half a dozen people. Really?  Surely then you are riding for […]

New bike season blur

October has been a blur. It’s the time of the year when everyone is gearing up for the “new” bike season. Product launches, store openings and a general buzz as summer approaches. I say approaches as I am still not convinced it’s here and until we get a string of consistently hot, sunny, days we are still in spring. The […]