Fourie MTB

A regular column by KZN downhiller, Enduro rider and trail shredder Kathryn Fourie. Sponsored by Liv Cycling South Africa.

Growing Kids on Bikes

There is something about seeing a tiny person completely focussed on riding a bicycle, which is kind of cool, writes Kathryn Fourie. And we wholeheartedly agree. Furrowed brows, shifting their balance from side to side over the seat, bulbous helmet sitting at a jaunty angle, eyes looking ahead… a huge […]

Dressed For Success

Winter brings with it short days, chilly evenings and often some of the best riding conditions of the year recons Kathryn Fourie. However, to make hay while the sun weakly shines, you need to get all Game of Thrones and be like “winter is coming”. Burrowing deeper under the down […]

The Great Pedal Debate

It has taken a while but Full Sus has eventually, with the help of Pure Motion Sports, been able to lure the considerable talents of Kathryn Fourie into writing a regular column for us. Here’s her first one, we hope you enjoy it! Hello Full Sus readers. I’d like to […]