Healthful Amy

Realistic Resolutions

“Welcome back from your holiday!” writes Rochez O’Grady who’s been back at work for a while and has big plans for 2015. With that in mind she’s penned her nutrition column on making realistic eating resolutions this year. I’ve become weary of setting resolutions as we end up getting to […]

Do your genes affect your weight?

Have you ever heard of Nutrigenomics? It sounds like some kind of futuristic movie concept, but it is real and defined as the study of the interaction between nutrition and genes, writes Rochez O’Grady. Why do people experience different health outcomes even though they eat pretty much the same diets […]

Beauty is more than skin deep

Welcome to Breast Cancer Awareness month, writes Rochez O’Grady, initiated by the Cancer Association of South Africa. Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting South African Women – 1 in 35 women in South Africa will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer (NRC 2007). Finding this statistic rather alarming I […]

Oh do behave!

Why do we have dessert when we know we are trying to lose weight? Why do we end up restarting our diets every Monday after an overindulgent weekend? People are naturally irrational and sometimes make decisions that aren’t always good for us, but don’t fear Rochez O’Grady is here to […]

How to feel like an elite athlete

Take your performances up a nutritional notch this month with Rochez O’Grady’s nutrition column. She’s was on tour as the dietitian for the South African women’s Hockey team, when they did fantastically well in the Hockey World Cup. And during the tournament in The Hague she attended a medical seminar […]

Back to the basics

We’ve become so interested in the finer details of what to eat; we often fling the basics of healthy eating out the window. So this winter Rochez O’Grady will help you eat smarter by mastering these essential eating habits. Keeping it simple can get you over the finish line. We […]

Food for Thought: Brain vs. Brawn?

It’s all we read about at the moment, every new article telling us how to reach our peak performance but what about the engine that drives us? Not your heart, your brain. This month Rochez O’Grady provides nutritional advice for keeping your mind sharp. Our brain, comparatively larger than other […]