How to be Epic

For this edition, Rochez O’Grady has decided to hand it to you on a platter: how to be epic at the Cape Epic. This means what to do before, during and after an event – particularly for a long distance ride, so that you can perform at your peak. You […]

What an Epic month!

12 issues ago we started Full Sus. A little newspaper that had (has) big aspirations and was given very little chance at survival, but like the blokes that sleep in tents and are doing the Epic, we have gutsed it out. Realistically we are probably only on day two of […]

Flora of the Western Cape

There’s nothing like a ride for getting you out into the amazing flora of the Western Cape! Oakpics is a Strand based photographic company. They shoot a vast array of events, covering everything from wild horses to weddings. But it’s in MTB that they’ve carved out a niche as one of the leaders in the field. If you spot them on the trails, usually when you’re […]

Stage Racing Must Have Check List

With the Epic just around the corner and having just lead three, four day training camps on the actual 2014 route, James Thornhill-Fisher has listed some must have items, that in his extensive experience you’ll need to ensure you make it to the finish line.