Day on the Pioneer

After a long day, on the Pioneer, with failed breaks (walking down every descent and avoiding gaining momentum on the flats) Nicholas Greeff jettisoned his bike as he crossed the finish line… Only for it to roll off towards the tented village, requiring him to dive tackle it before it destroyed a tent.      

Corner at speed and save vital momentum

With James Thornhill-Fisher’s advice on getting into the attack position in your armoury, it’s time to talk cornering. Remember you’ve worked hard to build up your speed and to shed it all in a corner is going to kill your momentum, so cornering efficiently is going to save vital energy. 

Heaven is a place on earth

Life is tough; we all know it. But the way Jeanne-Louise Wiese sees it; you have two choices:  You can complain about the negative and focus on the hardships you have to face each day; or you can pick yourself up, realise your contribution to overcome that negativity and open […]

Merrell Eden Duo

Riding in EDEN

The Garden Route boasts a bounty of trails on which to go wild with your bike, with the recent Merrell Eden Duo once again taking me onto a selection of superb MTB routes. Think Saasveld, Pepsi Pools and Montagu Pass, for starters …