Dr. Mike Posthumus is an accomplished academic with UCT’s Exercise Science and Sports Medicine faculty and a coach with Science 2 Sport.

Polarised Training

Achieving maximal results with polarised training When searching the internet for training advice or even when reading the most popular cycling training books, you will soon realise there is a lot of conflicting thoughts about the most effective training strategies. In this month’s coaching column Mike Posthumus explains the benefits […]

Jeanne-Louise Wiese: Karoo to Coast

without spotting a ghost… The great thing about this sport, writes Jeanne-Louise Wiese, is the fact that people tend to jump on board, pick up the free newspaper, buy the gear, enter for all the local races and convince their friends at a Friday braai to down their low self-esteems […]

New bike season blur

October has been a blur. It’s the time of the year when everyone is gearing up for the “new” bike season. Product launches, store openings and a general buzz as summer approaches. I say approaches as I am still not convinced it’s here and until we get a string of consistently hot, sunny, days we are still in spring. The […]