The Puffadder Run

The Hogsback Trails have gone next-level thanks to some sweet trail-building by Neels du Toit. Yup, go get your crank on along the Puffadder, Stihl and Veldfokus Runs. Photographs and words by Jacques Marais. Local Buzz: You can’t help sensing the enchantment of Hogsback when you drive into this hideaway […]

Growing Kids on Bikes

There is something about seeing a tiny person completely focussed on riding a bicycle, which is kind of cool, writes Kathryn Fourie. And we wholeheartedly agree. Furrowed brows, shifting their balance from side to side over the seat, bulbous helmet sitting at a jaunty angle, eyes looking ahead… a huge […]

Choc Oat Banana Muffins

Treat your kids to a healthy snack with this chocolate, oat and banana muffin recipe by Amy Burton. It’s well known that kids are not always interested in eating healthily and would prefer that chocolate cupcake over the carrot sticks and humus any day. I have had many parents asking […]