Gear Reviews


It’s one of three contact points your body makes with the bike and certainly the one that takes the most body weight, so your saddle choice is probably one of the most important decisions to make when setting up your bike. We put a few to the test.  The Basics […]

Water-Resistant Jackets

In the June/July issue we put a series of light-weight water-resistant jackets to the test, but these two were just a bit too bulky to fit the brief but they represent two very good options for cold and wet winter rides, so check them out writes Seamus Allardice.  Capestorm Argon […]

Ladies Bib Shorts

Ladies if you’re going to be spending more time in the saddle you are going to need a good pair of bib shorts. We got Debbie Stopforth, Ann Harrison and Caren Mills to put five pairs to the test for you.  Craft Glow Bib Shorts Tester: Debbie Stopforth Well it […]

Winter Warmers – Jackets

With a host of options out there, from thermal over-layer jackets to fully waterproof shells we decided to focus our test on the ones we all use the most, lightweight water resistant jackets you can roll up and store in your back pocket.  Specialized Comp Windjacket (Best: Water Resistance) Specialized […]

The perfect all-rounder

Sus Shayne Dowling’s review of the Specialized MTB Comp 2015 mountain bike specific shoes. These are the second pair of Specialized MTB Comp shoes I have owned.  The first pair was pretty incredible, I still have them, they are my back-up for rainy multi-day rides and despite hundreds of km […]

Winter Base Layers

It’s getting colder, but that’s no reason to stay indoors (is there anything more mind-numbing than an indoor trainer?), there’s no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing. So take a look at these base layer options to beat the cold.  First Ascent Long Sleeve Thermal First Ascent’s Quik-Wic […]

Sports Drinks

Every few months a new sports drink is launched into the already crowed sports supplement market. It means you won’t die for lack of choice, but it can be pretty overwhelming. Which one do you go for? Here’s the low down on a few from Seamus Allardice. USN Pure Fit […]

Light Test

Now’s the time for night rides, it’s too hot to ride in the heat of the day, the evenings are cool and besides the trails come alive when the sun goes down with owls, genets and porcupines all coming out. So we decided to put a bunch of cycle lights […]

Gear to get you out there

In February the weekends are chock-a-block with stage races, so we put together a little list of things you might need to keep the wheels rolling this month. Extreme XPi Integrated Cycle Light Light up your training and even your stage race tent (no pesky cables or separate battery packs […]