Enter the De Hoop Vlei MTB Experience

The De Hoop Vlei MTB Experience has launched the routes and introduced a Strava segment race to ensure that you have the best time possible when riding in the unspoiled fynbos in September

Strava Segment Race

Cash prizes for the fastest accumulated total time over each stage’s 3-4 Strava segments.

  • Stage 1: 4 Segments (2 uphill & 2 downhill)
  • Stage 2: 3 Segments (2 downhill & 1 uphill)
  • Stage 3: 3 Segments (2 uphill & 1 downhill)

Updated Route

The route now visits the coast too & each stage is named in according to it’s primary feature.

  • Stage 1: Haarwegs Heroes
  • Stage 2: Trails to Whales
  • Stage 3: Vogel Finale

View the updated route and Stava segments here.

Stage by Stage Strava Segment

Stage 1

Name Type Distance Ave Gradient
Tar Flatty Climb 1km 85m at + 9%
Dennis the Menace Descent Descent 1.49km 85m at – 6%
Renosterveld Roller-Coaster Descent 3.98km 164m at – 4%
Dennis the Menace Climb Climb 0.72km 69m at + 9%

Stage 2

Name Type Distance Ave Gradient
Vaalkrans Flat Out Climb 1.56km 80m at + 5%
Hard Dune Hard Rocker Descent 1.74km 79m at – 4%
Lactic Legs Climb 0.90km 61m at  + 7%

Stage 3

Name Type Distance Ave Gradient
Slide to Vogel River Descent 2.57km 157m at – 6%
Limestone Licker Climb 1.10km 136m at + 12%
Shell Shocked Descent 1.43km 116m at – 8%

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