Entries open as joBerg2c turns 10

Next year is your chance to be part of something truly remarkable as South Africa’s longest mountain stage race turns 10.

Entries for the 10th joBerg2c open yesterday. In short, you cannot afford to be tentative. The race dates for 2019 are 26 April – 4 May.

Pics by Kevin Sawyer/joBerg2c

The nine-day, 900km joBerg2c has forged a reputation over nine years as a community-driven, rider-focussed mountain bike ride that offers participants a truly memorable experience on the bike. Since its inception, the joBerg2c has sought to show riders the best of South Africa, while also providing exceptional race villages along the way.

As the joBerg2c has grown, and opened the eyes of many adventurous people to the beauty of South Africa, the route, the water tables and the race villages have been crafted to reflect the ethos of the event and its organisers.

The event also has incredible sponsors that make the journey across South Africa extra special for riders. joBerg2c is a community-inspired ride through the heart of South Africa that is a metaphor for what can be achieved when South Africans work together.

“We are here to provide the ultimate riding experience, for locals and foreigners alike,” says race organiser Craig Wapnick. “Over time, we think we’ve created a route that has something for everyone – impressive views, challenging distances, stunning single track and the widest variety of scenery. But the ride experience doesn’t stop at the route. All the race villages, water points and ‘gees’ of the nine days is provided by warm and engaging local communities. At joBerg2c you initially come for the riding, but you come back for the camaraderie.”

For riders unfamiliar with the joBerg2c, a highlight of the event is the organisers’ motto that everyone is a VIP. With such thinking, it means that Wapnick and fellow organisers Glen Haw and Gary Green oversee everything with a hands-on approach.

The trails on the nine-day journey are world class, and take participants to parts of the country rarely visited by city-slickers. The journey is also an eye-opener into the rural lives that many South Africans still lead.

“Every year we aim to create a mountain bike package that leaves people in awe of our country,” says Wapnick. “Nine years of hard work, testing and tweaking the event means that we can comfortably go into the 10th year with a huge arsenal of expertise. We take into consideration the things that we enjoy on a bike, and listen to the years of feedback we’ve received from the moment we launched the event.”

On the 10th birthday of the joBerg2c in 2019, riders can yet again look forward to a spectacular combination of mountain biking highlights; the Sterkfontein Dam wall, the thrill of descending into KwaZulu-Natal off the escarpment, the whistling mielie fields of the Free State and the unique sense of achievement in cycling from point to point over nine incredible days.

To enter, visit https://joberg2c.co.za/

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