Epic Hip Stretches

Practice these poses, prescribed by Joëlle Sleebos, to improve your hip flexibility and to help you recover from the gruelling Epic stages.

Whether you are riding the Epic or are just spending long hours on the bike for fun in March, these hips stretches will help your body to recover and improve the flexibility of your hips.

In yoga we try to find the right balance between effort and effortlessness. During a practice we challenge the body and mind, but we also rest the body and mind. Riding your bike for such a long distance is obviously very satisfying, but it does tend to take its toll on your flexibility, core and posture.

For a good warm-up start with the Sun Salutations from the June/July 2015 issue. Once you feel nice and warm try the following hip stretches or even combine them with the Cyclists Lunge stretches from the August 2015 issue and the hamstring stretches from the December/January issue.

It would be great if you could do them or some of them daily, but in case you do not have time, (or do not make the time…) at least do them on your recovery days!

And if you have been enjoying my articles I challenge you to take a yoga class in your neighbourhood. I am sure you will improve your flexibility, balance, body awareness and strength, and therefore your riding as well as life off the bike too.

Hip Stretching Yoga Pose

1.1       Start: Downwards Facing Dog.


1.2       Inhale: 3 Legged Dog – Lift left leg, activate foot; hips stay parallel to the floor.


1.3       Exhale: Extended Half Pigeon – Left knee to left elbow, shoulders above your hands.


1.4       Inhale: Move your left foot underneath the body toward the right wrist.


1.5       Exhale: Softly land both knees to the floor.


1.6       Inhale: Walk your right knee back so your hips sink to the floor.


1.7       Exhale/Inhale: Hold.


1.8       Exhale: Slowly put your elbows down.


1.9       Advanced: The pose shown here is relatively advanced, you needn’t extend your arm fully at first.

1.10    Inhale/Exhale: Hold for 1-3 minutes.

2.0       Repeat: Repeat with your right leg.


3.0       Rest: Shavansana

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