Bike Girl 2 Day MTB

Our new Venue for the Bike Girl 2018 will be announced soon, but definitely in the Wilderness area. A  MTB strictly for Woman only.

That moment you realise you’re enveloped by a piece of ancient indigenous forest – under the canopy of trees with names like mountain waxberry, white stinkwood, kamassi and the beautifully flowering Cape chestnut – is something special. The Garden Route’s Indigenous Forest: no matter what your religious conviction, this place is close to spiritual.

Stay quiet long enough and the trademark kok-kok kok-kok of a Knysna turaco (used to be Loeries) is bound to override the other ambient chirp-chirps… and give you a start. If that doesn’t, a critter ruffling in the underbrush close by is bound to. Baboon? Maybe a shy blue duiker, or a bushbuck? Caracal… leopard?