Nissan Trailseeker #1

Advendurance introduced the Nissan TrailSeeker series back in 2008 with the goal in mind to create a safe riding environment for mountain bike fans that was convenient and that could involve the entire family. Gauteng lacked MTB races, as well as established trails but this series paved the way to inspire numerous routes in and around Pretoria and has become a highlight for riders due to the enjoyable yet challenging aspect that only Trailseeker can bring.

The Nissan Trailseeker races caters for kids and adults, beginners and pros, with varying distances and routes that are top notch and guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping. Every venue on the calendar is a fun and thrilling day for any mountain biking enthusiast and is a regularly sold out event that is close to home, with excellent trails and is sure fun for the family.