Recce MTB Mission

Mountain bikers will cover more than 200 km on tar, district, railway service, forest and farm roads, as well as Jeep track and single track.

The total elevation gain is approximately 4000 meters with the minimum altitude at 1200 meters ASL and the highest point at 2332 meters ASL. The route comprises three legs with similar distances and elevation gain.

The MTB Mission route has several cut-offs along the route. To complete the Recce MTB Mission, mountain bikers need to:

–       Complete the physically and mentally tough Recce MTB Mission within the allocated time of 22 hours

–       Pass through several Check Points (called CPs) along the routes

–       Pass a number of strategic targets along the routes

MTB riders who do not make any of the time cut-offs have failed the mission. These MTB riders can continue as Jammies, or they will be extracted and Returned-to-Unit (RTU).