Wolseley MTB Challenge

The Wolseley MTB Funride consists of 4 main routes .There is a 60km, 40km and 28km route, as well as an 8km kiddies’ ride and Trail Run.

The routes are designed by our local Epic cyclist, Neels Zeeman. They start with a gentle climb before descending to the Breede River, with a necessary tar road crossing over the river.  The routes then follow farm tracks through the local orchards, meeting the famous Waterval Mountains at Verrekyker Farm with an epic climb of Kluitjieskraal Pass lying in wait for the 60km riders.

After the split from the shorter routes, the 40 km follows a climbing jeep track and various loops along the side of the mountain in the Kluitjieskraal Forest before returning to Mountain Ridge through more local farm land. The flattish 25 km route is aimed at the more inexperienced rider and returns from the bottom of Kluitjieskraal via farm roads and orchards.

After climbing the Pass, the 60 km route skirts the hidden Suurvlakte plateau before ascending out the valley and then descending the sometimes treacherous jeep track to the waterfall crossing, where bike and rider will get a bit wet, depending on the depth of the river. The route then returns via the lower forestry ground, but along energy sapping undulations such as Ben Hur (Rooibult), where the gradients can cause a pride-denting dismount before joining the shorter routes for the home stretch.

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