Flying Tequila: Shredding at Robyn Park

Words & Images by: Tamy Tequila

A very much pregnant TAMY TEQUILA is forced to chill more. Enjoy her Robyn Park review below!

Sunday missions = Heat wave, switch back berms and table tops!

So, if you’re looking for an amazing place to progress and have some fun then have a look at Robyn Park in Fourways. Such a great initiative from Dirt Lab building community parks to get kids on their bikes and riding! We decided to get an early start to the day cause we all know in a heatwave by 12pm you’re gonna melt! But for some of those who don’t know … I’m pregnant so I needed something chilled and shady with a breeze, and also not too intense. This track is made for all ages and with no entrance it should encourage you to bring more riders.

Dirt Lab really outdid themselves making the switch backs so nice and flowing one after another and into
each other.

The SheerGuard river rampage cycle track consist of three main lines each with a different style of riding, and aside is a flowy pumptrack which the youngsters seemed to enjoy a fair bit. The first line is back to back berms known as switchbacks making for some sweet flow; the second line is the more advanced line with two table top jumps, one being around 2.5 m long and the other roughly four meters making for some proper airtime to pull small tricks.

The third line is a more relaxed with forgiving sized rollers and table top jumps to build your confidence before taking on the second line.

We noticed an aspiring young rider Ewan de Wet shredding the second with some style – he was all too happy to show us some tricks, from Whips to one-handers to landing the jumps in manuals. He clearly has spent quite a bit of time on the track and said that he is happy that the track is there, and he is sure this will help to develop riders of all ages and skill levels. The track also draws attention from dog walkers to strolling couples who stop and have a look at this new addition to the neighbourhood.

But I also wanted to say thanks for all the readers and feedback. This year has been amazing! As for 2019 it’s going to be magical as my little spawn will be entering the world and I’m hoping my child is exactly like me: crazy, loud and kind! Thanks to Full Sus for giving me this opportunity and I wish the new contributors a spectacular riding sesh with every issue!

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