Introducing the Holy Rail

Lyne Components recently launched a new on-bike storage system called The Holy Rail.

After around 8 months of development, we are finally ready to reveal a product which we feel offers a new angle at solving on-bike storage.

Image by: Ewald Sadie

The Concept

The main idea behind the Holy Rail is to reduce the amount of spares carried on the rider’s body and rather mount them to your bike frame. This allows you to ride free of a backpack and saddle-bag.

The Holy Rail is a modular mounting system that enables flexibility of mounting accessories to your bicycle.

Simply attach the rail to your bottle cage mounts on either your down tube or seat tube and get creative with repositioning and mounting accessories and spares to your frame. The rail uses standard M5 x 0.8 bolts meaning existing bottle cage accessories are compatible with the system.


Dropper Post Friendly

We are big fan’s of running dropper posts on our mountain bikes, this lead us to investigating alternative on-bike storage solutions. Saddle bags tend to damage dropper posts and backpacks ruin the feeling of freedom provided by having the saddle out of the way.


Dual Water Bottles

The ability to slide and change the bottle position allowed us to fully utilize the precious real estate inside the front triangle of the frame. We then discovered that with some careful positioning we are able to fit a second water bottle in some frames where you wouldn’t usually be able to. The dual cage adapter was then born. Giant Anthem owners can thank us later! We will soon start a blog to record compatibility with various frames for reference purposes.

We have developed a range of accessories including an integrated multitool to be used with the Holy Rail. These are all available on our online store. We will be adding more to this range in the next coming months.

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