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The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho has a new hashtag – #MountainBikeKingdom and Mark West reckons it’s a fitting description. Completely surrounded by South Africa, our tiny nation is renowned for high mountains and rough roads. These tracks used to be the exclusive domain of intrepid 4×4 drivers, but now more […]

New Year MTB tour

It’s our annual New Year take-a-chill-pill tour! Due to popular demand we’ve decided to run our annual new year tour again! This time to Afriski in Lesotho! A mythical place we’ve heard about but never gotten round to exploring… OK, so not really mythical but I can pretty well imagine some dragons […]

Lesotho Sky: Final Day – Day 6

Fines last night was a good laugh, and so were the videos of the day. In fact the whole week has been full of laughs and good humour. It’s been a very memorable week with a truly fantastic bunch of people; the camaraderie of the riders and the hospitality of […]

Lesotho Sky Day 5

Roma to Ramabanta! I am naming this stage THE Beast! Never in my five years of cycling have I climbed and descended such massive hills. Today was 83.4kms and 2250m of climbing. We had a short fast downhill and then began climbing, Lolita’s legs took a while to warm up […]