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32Gi Raises the Bar in Sports Nutrition

Since 32Gi’s introduction into the market in 2010 it has constantly been on the forefront of pioneering the space of sports nutrition. Over the years the company has developed a solid reputation and quickly became a trusted nutrition advisor and supplier in the world of endurance sport. The company’s philosophy […]

Realistic Resolutions

“Welcome back from your holiday!” writes Rochez O’Grady who’s been back at work for a while and has big plans for 2015. With that in mind she’s penned her nutrition column on making realistic eating resolutions this year. I’ve become weary of setting resolutions as we end up getting to […]

Do your genes affect your weight?

Have you ever heard of Nutrigenomics? It sounds like some kind of futuristic movie concept, but it is real and defined as the study of the interaction between nutrition and genes, writes Rochez O’Grady. Why do people experience different health outcomes even though they eat pretty much the same diets […]