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Trails and Tourism – Product Development

The development of a trail is a multi-faceted process of which trail construction is but a component of the overall project. If you want your trail system to reach its full potential you will have to address the various product development components required to expose the trail to the marketplace […]

The Trail Master

As Louise Ehret discovered there is much more to trail building that removing rocks and dirt. When the fires in 2011 devastated the very limited existing trails in the Jonkershoek Mountain Reserve, a small group of Stellenbosch individuals initiated a project to restore, maintain and extend the trails across these […]

New Trails

The winter months are a great time to spend digging! And it seems that the Eastern Cape in particular is a-buzz with trail building activity this year. The Slipperfields Mountain Bike Trails outside PE opened in April, while the Impala Ranch Trails near Jeffrey’s Bay have hosted a couple of […]

The economics of trail building

While it is entirely possible to build a trail with no budget – by building some afternoons, weekends and relying on volunteers, most big projects completed today are done as contracts and with budgets writes AmaRider’s Meurant Botha. How much will it cost? This is certainly not an easy question […]