TAMY DANIEL is the latest addition to the Full Sus contributors crew. She’s a crazy gravity junkie that knows her way around Gauteng, a bike and a shot of tequila! Arriba! Arriba! IMAGES: LOUIS VAN VUUREN


Ooohhh hello there … So I’m pretty new here, and maybe you don’t know me but here are fun facts about me since I’ll be here a while writing and talking crap while trying to stay on MTB topics!

Name: Tamy Tequila Daniel – YES I love tequila!

Nicknames: Tequila, TamSpam, Tamster, and Nigglet.

Instagram: @TamyTequila

Twitter: @Tamy_Tequila

Age: 29 but I look younger

Occupation: Sage Evolution Support Consultant (Pastel Accounting) at Thyme Technologies

Hometown: Originally from Richards Bay, KZN but now living in Roodepoort, Gauteng since 2013.

Naughty Habits: I swear a shitload, smoke, drink and do all the bad things you know!

Pet: My beautiful tabby cat Buttons (Butty, ButtLove)


→ What makes you, you?

I am probably the craziest, loudest person you’ll ever meet! I love laughing and have a sick sense of humour! I’m definitely not the fittest person you’ll come across, but I enjoy riding my hardtail at The Spruit close to Emmarentia Dam and love riding downhill. I plan Maluti Mayhem in Lesotho and absolutely love riding in Lesotho. I keep up to date with social media and have my own hashtag being #TamSpam.

→ If you could describe yourself in five words what would they be?

Passionate; Ambitious ; Friendly; Crazy ; Optimistic

→ Which bike park do you prefer?

Ahhh there are a few on my list … I love Rosemary Hills in Pretoria, PWC Park in Jo’Burg and really digging Afriski in Lesotho.

→ What does MTB mean to you?

It means the world to me, it helped me through so much, we all go through shitty things in life that bring us down and that’s when I was introduced to MTB, and I met so many magical people, found different trails, learnt so many things about myself and it helped me to build confidence within my daily tasks and within riding! … And helped me get a great butt and tan! → How often do you ride? Well I must say, I’ve been slacking quite a bit cause of winter, Netflix and food! But I am definitely going to get back into it like I used to. I’m loving the summer weather and I love a great tan as well! I really enjoy downhill riding, but you always need that chilled trail ride every now and again!

→ What bikes do you ride?

At this stage I got two bikes, Giant Liv hardtail that I call G and then there’s Baby Bike which is KTM Aphex DH, and so effing heavy … but I just hold on for dear life and rock-off downhill!

→ So tell us something that’s fun!

Well ever since I started downhill riding, I started watching the UCI Downhill World Cup 2017, I was like ooohhhh, I gotta meet these champs dammit! So, I was so lucky to meet Johann (Potties) Potgieter and Stefan Garlicki! Wow I was in such awe! They are such rad guys and do such amazing things like
training younger guys and girls to ride better and with their normal bike skills! I also was lucky enough to meet Beani and Kath Fourie that are such amazing riders, the best was riding with them! At one stage Beani and I were riding at Afriski in Lesotho and she told me “just commit and leave the breaks,” so I was like ummm ok maybe … I fell … not hard but I got up and checked the bike before I checked myself! Another skill I have is winning competitions. I’ve won so many … but in terms with MTB comps, I’ve won a hoodie, shirts, bike gear and gloves! So Ja I’m pretty talented like that!

→ What else do you do when you not riding?

Aaahhh sooo much actually … take selfies, make chocolate date balletjies with coconut, cook, snapchat,
watching tv (crime docs, Keeping Up With The Kardashians , horrors & thrillers), tanning, drinking,
and I love gardening – there’s something so soothing about it!

→ What are your plans for December?

I’m so effing excited for December actually, the fam and I are road tripping to Cape Town for the Christmas period and then after 27 December we will be doing a random road trip back to Jo’Burg or I might stay longer in Cape Town, haven’t sussed out proper plans yet and then New Year’s I have no clue what I’ll be doing. I just wanna drink and chill. So that’s a little info about me, I hope you guys enjoyed it and I look forward to writing more about MTB and what events, places to ride within Gauteng and testing a few things out!

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