The FULL SUS product testing section, led by publisher SHAYNE DOWLING and editor FRANS LE ROUX is where we put MTB and related products to the test. We get to pedal, feel, touch, kick, jump, rip, slide, click, wear, stretch, ride (you get the idea) and generally test the hell out of products. So, send us your gear or email frans@integratedmedia.co.za to be featured here.


RRP R500

Whether you are getting into cycling or you are upgrading those flat pedals, clip-in pedals have a host of features that will help improve your riding. Pedal prices have also shot up quite dramatically over the past few years and that is were these awesome Ryder pedals fit in. At around R500 these lightweight alloy SPD-pedals worked a treat while we recently had them during a bike test. Their stealthy black paint and ease of use made them very comfortable. The clip-in mechanism features a solid ball bearing system which means low maintenance is guaranteed. An adjustable retention system makes it easy to loosen or fasten their release action. Included with the pedals are a set of cleats to get you going. At this price we would highly recommend you grab yourself a pair of them at a bike shop nearest to you.


Reviewer: Frans le Roux



RRP R299

Everything in our lives are being recorded and for some unexplained reason people love to watch, share and create their own videos. If you don’t have the cash for a fancy GoPro or Garmin Virb, you can also use your existing smartphone as an “action camera” by strapping it to a handlebar mount. These mounts are readily available and are a lot more wallet-friendly. We played around with one such mount for a couple of rides. It’s called a Actionmounts cellphone bike holder and you simply attach it to your bicycle’s handlebar. After we figured how to correctly attach it, we used a Huawei P9 Lite to shoot some short videos. I have to point out that my specific Huawei phone is compatible with this mount because of where the rear camera is located. If your camera is in the middle of your phone, you should have a look at the other mounts on offer by Actionmounts. The mount rotates 360 degrees which means you can pretty much mount it the way you like. The handlebar clamp features adjustable rubber inserts which made it grip tightly around my aluminium bar. The phone itself is secured in place by a rubber strap that covers all four corners of the phone. It is also additionally clamped on the side by some sturdy levers. I managed to take some good quality pics and a short video too. After some gravel road usage and riding on smooth tar surfaces I am relieved to report that my beloved phone is still in one piece.


Reviewer: Frans le Roux



RRP R250

Each month when we do our bike test shoot, we either have to tag someone along to help hold the bike straight or move it around while another person operates the camera. With the Cape Doctor being so persistent we were forced to make some plans. Before we bought the Holdfast stand, bikes would sometimes blow over or lean at the wrong angle for us to get the best shot. Although each bike would now have its rear wheel raised somewhat, we could still easily manoeuvre it around to find the best angle. I used the stand on a recent shoot in Durbanville while the wind was howling. It managed to keep the bike upright even though my camera bag was sent flying. When the stand is not being used on our monthly shoots we utilize it in our office to keep our bikes free from unnecessary scrapes and falls. Make sure you check out Holdfast’s comprehensive product line-up.


Reviewer: Frans le Roux



RRP R220

Cape Town is in the middle of one of the city’s worst droughts ever. We have almost no water left and the dreaded day zero is fast approaching. Cyclists like us had to find innovative ways of keeping our prized possessions clean. During the recent holiday season, I started to use Muc-Off’s fast action bike cleaner. This is not just any bike wash as it is biodegradable, and it uses nanotechnology. The nanotech refers to the breakdown of tough dirt and grime while the added benefit of being biodegradable means it won’t harm mother nature. To use, I took a bucket of water and rinsed my bike first. I then used the spray nozzle to cover my entire bike while waiting between 3-5 minutes (according to their recommendation). This waiting period gave the cleaning agent enough time to go to work which meant it flushed away all the debris left behind. It proved to work like a charm and soon my bike was shining again.


Reviewer: Frans le Roux

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