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BicycleGear MTB Baggies

It’s Hemp my bru!

Ok so I have to admit to being a little sceptical … Hemp and MTB kit really? Well there’s me showing my ignorance again. Hemp, as it turns out, is a really cool product! Hemp fibres have natural anti-bacterial properties which means your bags won’t smell after a hard day (or even three) in the saddle, they dry quickly so any dark sweat patches vanish pretty fast and the fabric is really strong so any crashes don’t necessarily mean that you need a new pair – this was the only thing I didn’t test … I can certainly testify to the fairly quick drying and thankfully there was no pong even after leaving them in the garage after the ride – to test the claim of course.  Initially I found the pants a little heavy but they fit nicely and feel really cool on, they are chunkier than nylon or synthetics but you soon forget about it. I have to wait for summer to comment on the heat factor but they certainly were great for the colder rides. They are designed for wearing over your bibs and have elasticated straps inside to keep the bags snug on your hips. Currently only available in grey, the pants look lekker with a funky retro vibe. The red stitching does help to break the monotony of the plainer colour. A reflective strip on the back-belt line also make the journey to your favourite trail a bit safer if you have to hit the tar. All in all, BicycleGear have produced an environmentally friendly, cool set of bags that are perfect for the trail!  I dig ’em!

RRP R750

Reviewer: Shayne Dowling


Namgear Tyre Sealant

Tubeless tyres are no-brainers and no matter what bike you ride your hoops should be without inners. Of course, in order to ensure you reap the benefit of going tubeless you need to have the magic muti to ensure no or minimal punctures. This is where Nam Seal.It comes in. A locally produced sealant, Seal.It is ammonia free, well priced at 80 bucks and available in a convenient 250ml squirt bottle for easy filling via the valve. It will also be enough for both tyres. There is also a 1l bottle that retails at R225. I have been riding with Nam Seal.It in my tyres for a few months now and it handled perfectly, quick sealing – as a result of Nam using rubber fibres in the composition which not only seals quickly but forms a better bond with the tyre compound. Those pesky “dubbeltjies” had no chance and even a slightly bigger hole was surprisingly well handled by the sealant. The cold weather has made no difference to the sealant’s ability. Namgear recommend you top up every two to six months. After four months in, I’m still going strong. I will certainly top up for summer again – just in case!  I love that this is a local product and that it has been developed with our conditions in mind.

RRP R225 (1L)

Reviewer: Shayne Dowling



To keep your mountain bike in perfect rideable condition, one must always ensure general maintenance occurs regularly. Small things that most cyclists can do at  home is grabbing a bucket of water and giving your steed a good old wash. Scrubbing your chain and cleaning the chainrings will help you shift smoother for longer while keeping your stanchions clean and would keep your expensive fork and shock working for longer. A simple and cost-effective way to make sure that mud, water and rocks stay off your bike is by fitting a mud guard. We recently sampled a locally made mud guard by Cape Town based company cSixx. I spent one muddy afternoon on the bike shortly after I installed the mud guard and I was properly impressed. To show just how well it worked, I scraped loads of mud off the guard which ultimately would’ve got stuck between my chainrings and rear derailleur. One of the coolest features about the cSixx mud guard is that they paint-match the guard to your bike’s unique colour.

RRP R150.00     

Reviewer: Frans le Roux



Expensive flat whites, photochromic night vision sunnies and titanium tools are some of the things that cyclists can do without. Chamois cream on the other hand is the one thing that every rider should have in his bag. The so-called bum cream is something we never want to discuss but it’s necessary for those long rides and races. A local South African company have created a product called Ass Magic and I’ve been using it for the past couple of months. The cream is lanolin based and its made with a secret blend of essential oils. These oils have been specifically chosen to create a cream that is anti-septic, anti-bacterial and has anti-fungal properties. What I do love about the cream is that it is nice and thick and it repels sweat and water. Since I’ve started generously applying it to my nether regions I’ve noticed that it has a cooling effect and made me move around less while on the saddle.

RRP R149.00 (200ml tub)

Reviewer: Frans le Roux

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