The Test Zone – September

The FULL SUS product testing section, led by Publisher Shayne Dowling and Editor Frans le Roux is where we put MTB and related products to the test. We get to pedal, feel, touch, kick, jump, rip, slide, click, wear, stretch, ride (you get the idea) and generally test the hell out of products. So, send us your gear or email to feature here.


RRP R120


We all have our favourite lube and as with most things if we find a product we like we tend to be brand loyal and are not open to changing or even trying new things. I stumbled across SMOOVE and took it as a last resort when my LBS didn’t have my usual. I haven’t looked back.  The product is superb, I have ridden a number of stage rides in all weather and terrain types and SMOOVE handles it all. I am a lazy lube user and only found out on researching the product this is what Ruan and his team recommend – apply more lube but less often!  I can hear all of you going “yeah right …” but I can vouch for it – minimal application, very little gunge build-up and top results even in the worst weather (ask me I used it in the Sani Swim this year and only at the last water point on Day Two did I apply more lube). The bottle has a really thin nozzle that sits nicely on the chain, it’s a no fuss squeeze and run bottle that minimises wastage and mess.  The liquid dries pretty fast and the manufacturers recommend a clean chain for initial application and then minimal application going forward.  The product had been developed in SA and is as tough as a Hilux bakkie – it goes anywhere and lasts forever!



RRP R 3 290


Cycling in 2017 is about a lot more than having the right bike. The accessories and apparel market is filled to the brim with some of the best looking and coolest must-haves. In July, I was lucky enough to receive a pair of hi-tec Oakley sunnies and boy, did they make a big difference. Usually while out riding, normal sunnies would fog up and cause poor visibility or if they were not polarized or UV-protected cause headaches while doing an afternoon ride. These Oakley Jawbreaker PRIZM Polarized sunglasses might appear to be very large but after a couple of rides you hardly notice their size. No less than 27 separate parts are used to create one pair of Jawbreakers. I loved the fact that these Jawbreakers never fogged up and that is due to all the extra ventilation slots they’ve added to them. Being larger only means that the user has an extended field of view and blind spots are a thing of the past. The new PRIZM lenses worked perfectly in low light while I was riding up Table Mountain. PRIZM enhances visibility and it maximizes contrasts. The Jawbreaker features sturdy impact protection which I was lucky enough not to experience while testing them. Although these sunglasses were fitted with road lenses, I felt they worked fine during my gravel adventures. The fact that you can update and customise them make these even cooler. A PRIZM trail lens can be fitted which promises to boost browns and reds while making greens appear more crisp and vivid. All these new words and marketing jargon is not just talk, the Jawbreaker lived up to my expectation and I am seriously considering wearing them while driving my car, although this might be frowned upon.


RRP R350


If you’re not running tubeless tyres then let’s be honest you’re probably not that keen on leaving the concrete bike path that you follow your fitter half around on as they do their weekly park run. However most of us run tubeless hoops and we all know that sometimes no amount of sealant is going to close a Highveld snakebite! You need to hit it with a plug and while most of us find carrying a plug kit around a pain, it’s a necessary one. Step up the Sahmurai Sword – named after founder Stefan “Sahmurai” Sahm (Google him). Yes, it’s a plug kit but it’s where you keep the plugs that make this baby unique. Cleverly integrated into bar end plugs, the working parts (skewer, reamer and plug strips) are securely hidden inside the handlebars – genius! The bar end plugs fit snuggly into all 17mm – 21mm diameter bars, expanding as you tighten them, securely holding them in place. It’s a brilliant idea that’s been well designed, is convenient and works! I would suggest that all riders should own a Sahmurai Sword!



RRP R650  


There are so many stories of guys having their bikes swiped from there trailers or bike racks. A bolt cutter makes short work of most cable and lock setups. The LockStraps attempts to address this. Off the bat it should be mentioned that the Lockstraps is best suited for usage on the back of a bakkie or stand-on bike carriers and can be used for motorbikes, tools or anything that you need to lock down. Our test strap was 2.5m long, so it can wrap up all the precious bits. The canvas straps have a stainlesssteel cable running through the middle along with combination lock carabiners making the straps a worthy opponent for most thieves. It’s virtually impossible to get through the straps and cable with a bolt cutter and the carabiners are pretty much bullet proof too.  That said, the carabiners are heavy and chunky and need to be kept away from the bike frame, it is not great on a hanging rack or a stand-on bike roof rack. I do like it that the straps are sturdy and won’t damage the frame, it just takes a bit of manoeuvring to ensure the tightening clamp is out of the way. The straps are bulky but will offer great peace of mind when you lock up your baby while having a cold one after your next event.

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