The Test Zone – Oct / Nov

The FULL SUS product testing section, led by publisher SHAYNE DOWLING and editor FRANS LE ROUX is
where we put MTB and related products to the test. We get to pedal, feel, touch, kick, jump, rip, slide, click, wear, stretch, ride (you get the idea) and generally test the hell out of products. So, send us your gear or email to be featured here.


  1. RYDER AIR TANK 2.0 PUMP | RRP R1300 – Reviewer Shayne Dowling

This has to be one of the mostimpressive pieces of cycling equipment I have tested in ages. I had all these preconceived ideas in my head and having seen other “airtank” type pumps, I was immediately dubious when I saw the narrow barrel of the Ryder. It is also extremely well priced at R1 300. So, what’s it about then? Well with the flick of a lever you fill the tank up to its max (around 240psi) and while attached to a completely deflated tubeless tyre you flick the lever back and the air rushes into the tyre and seats it on the rim! Simple as that AND it works! The pumps action is smooth and easy, until you start getting into the red zone then you need to push really hard and it may be a struggle for ladies. But hey, it works even just outside the recommended high mark – you may just have to do it more than once. The pump is sturdy with a gauge at the top of the barrel which makes seeing the pressure really easy. It also has a hefty metal foot that keeps the Airtank stable. Of course, you can use it as a normal pump to, it is super smooth and quick. It can be used on both Presta and Schrader valves. A great piece of equipment that we all need in our garage!


2. RIDEFARR GLOVES & TUBBY BAG | RRP R 295 / R215 – Reviewer Frans Le Roux

For those of you unfamiliar with RideFarr, they’re a South African Company that creates plenty of cool cycling products. The brand represents very good value products across their range which includes helmets, frames, clothing, saddles and so much more. We recently received some of their LONG RACE
GLOVES (in blue) and a mini saddle bag. The gloves are vibrant in colour and feature some kiff decals and logos. They match our blue Full Sus kit too, which we all know is super important. I’ve worn them for a bit over a month now and I’ve done some wet rides and hard races in them. Thus far, they’re holding up well. No tears or discolouring from sweat. They proved to be breathable and the anti-slip palm worked a treat on my silicone grips. A nice touch is the phone gripper on the thumb, middle and index finger. At R295, they represent good value and they’re available in a host of fun colours.

The MINI RACE BAG is a great alternative to having everything fall out of your shirt pockets during a ride. Its ultra-compact and after careful packing I managed to squeeze the following in: 2x Co2 canisters, 2x tyre tools, a multi-tool and plugs. Obviously, there was enough extra space for some much-needed cramp tablets and cash, because you know – coffee! During my last race, we encountered loads of mud and I was afraid that the bag might come off the saddle rails or get damaged. I’m happy to reportthat it survived. It’s a great little product at a very reasonable R215.



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