The YT Jeffsy

More travel equals more fun as our bike tester ALEX MANCINI found out when he swung a leg over the latest 140mm travel YT Jeffsy 29er.

YT Industries, the German direct to consumer mountain bike manufacturer, has just launched its new 2018 Jeffsy in SA, a super fun and cleverly specked bike at the right price! Being a Direct brand comes with its pros and cons but luckily the local YT guys have addressed these issues. They have a showroom down in Cape Town where they offer excellent local support and have a fleet of demo bikes for you to try before you buy! They set us up with the YT Jeffsy 29 AL, coming in at R44 900.
YT have labelled it as their “entry level” model, yet I found it to be surprisingly well specced:

+ Fox Rhythm 34 with a really nice compression control

+ Fox DPS Evol which has an excellent lockout for those long climbs

+ SRAM guide brakes with 200 mm rotors for extra bite

+ E13 TRS+ dropper with a lever remote which was a nice

+ Shimano / E13 drivetrain, donned 11+ as it is still an 11spd system but hosts more range that SRAM Eagle.

The YT decals are unmistakable.

Although it has more range it doesn’t perform as smoothly as the Eagle due to the bigger gaps between
the gears. The Jeffsy’s geometry is well-rounded, it doesn’t have as long a reach as most trail bikes but compensates by giving you a nice centred position within the bike. This paired with a low BB gives excellent handling, especially in the Low Flip Chip setting. The V4L linkage gives a responsive and subtle beginning
stroke, sits nicely in the mid stroke and ramps up at the end to make sure you are consistently well supported within the travel at all times. The shock locks out nicely for excellent pedalling characteristics, and opened up, it is super supportive and playful.

Thanks to Boost Hub spacing, the YT felt stiff and responsive.

However, note that it can be a bit harsh in long rock gardens. The Jeffsy features a super handy Flip Chip for further adjustability. I rode it in the low setting for the majority of the test: locked out it climbed really well but when opened it was a little lazy. If you are going to be doing an xc/marathon race, slap it into the high setting and you will be amazed at how this Jeffsy changes things up; getting on the gas quicker and being nippier up those tight technical climbs.

Once I got a feel for the way the Jeffsy rode I decided to do some comparative testing up and down some specific trails and to be honest, it didn’t stand out at any particular section. It wasn’t looking too good on paper but then I changed things up and just rode. Once I stopped analysing and trying to push the bike to
its absolute limits it truly came into its element. Super playful and lively, just taking the bike out for a
normal everyday ride was the most fun I’ve had in a while. I can’t put my finger on it, but summed up, it’s just the most fun to rally around, everywhere, all the time!

RRP R44 900
Measurements are for a LARGE frame.

Head tube angle: 67 / 67,5°
Seat tube angle: 74,5 / 75°
Top tube length: 616mm
Chainstay length: 440mm
Wheelbase: 1 178mm
Reach: 445mm
Stack: 623mm
Seat tube length: 480mm
BB drop (low/high): 32/24mm

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