Trail Angels: Launching Trail Angels Kidz

After six years of Trail Angels, the time has come to introduce the Trail Angel kids programme. NIKKI HAYWOOD explains.


Our Trail Angels ladies mountain biking club is now six years old. The journey for many of our members has been both physical and emotional. Initially the club started out as a platform for women to come and ride their bikes in a safe and nurturing environment but what we didn’t realize was the personal development and growth that would accompany this.

All the ladies going through the program have not only improved on fitness and skills on their bike but have experienced personal growth in confidence, self-belief, self-esteem, self-worth and this aspect of riding a bike has really been incredibly rewarding and life changing for a lot of these women.

I then began thinking about how awesome it would be if we could start instilling all these life lessons that the ladies have learnt through the bicycle into our society of young girls. How amazing it would be to learn all these lessons at a young age and carry them through into adult life.

In January 2019 we will be launching Trail Angel Kidz – a program aimed at mentoring young girls through mountain biking. Exposing our young girls to a world of possibilities outside of their world, guiding them through critical self-discovery of inner strengths, selfless team work and the brilliance of nature.
The team will be committed to developing the emotional and physical health of children by giving them the skills/tools to lead active healthy lives using fun and the practical skill of riding a bike. The focus
will be on having fun on your mountain bike during these sessions.

Our program will coincide with school terms and will be an eight week termly program. It will be a structured program where each week we will add to the skill and fitness set, we will have fun competitions at the end of every term so that kids can see how they have improved. It will be a private extra mural activity. Some sessions will be done on the school field and others will be out on trails closest to the given school. The kids will need a bike in good working condition and a suitable helmet.



  • Grade 1-3
  • Grade 4-7


Physical skills and fitness as well as growing their self-confidence, self-esteem, self-belief and we will focus on the positive impact self-talk has.

They will also be introduced to new friends and will be exposed to aspects of teamwork like patience with each other, encouraging one another and celebrating achievements together.

Our coaches are experienced, vibrant and inspiring role models, who encourage yet nurture at the same time. They will aspire to share their knowledge of the sport with the young girls and hopefully encourage mountain biking as a lifelong sport/hobby.

We are excited to embark on this new venture and have some really exciting sponsors that are keen to come on board.

If you would like your daughter to be part of this Trail Angels Kidz mentoring through mountain biking program, please contact before 1 January 2019.

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