Trail sesh at Avianto

Avianto is full of surprises such as this beautiful waterfall.

TAMY TEQUILA spent a couple of hours riding the splendid trails at Avianto in Krugersdorp.

Avianto … oh you beaut! So if you’re looking for a nice fun trail with the kids you need to take them to Avianto!
I missioned there on a Sunday also to test my new baby bike – Giant Trance X1! The staff are so friendly and explained the various trails … we started on the Makhulu Boss Intermediate Trail, it’s so beautiful and scenic that I managed to have a bee come flying into my helmet, and at that moment I felt like I had to re-adjust my whole life! Some of the sectionsin the beginning I battled with due to being unfit and all. So, the trails have been around for a while and they’ve been changed up recently. I managed to get a tad confused that I ended up going on the beginner’s trail called Shesha Trail, but I was quite happy cause we found a seriously cool trail where there was a cute little train rail in a forest going into a trail tunnel.

Riding on some old tracks made the going slightly bumpy.

Where I thought it was a great idea to take a video while riding which almost ended in disaster as I came pretty close to dropping my new phone in the mud. At least I still managed to take some amazing pics. After that we rode through a fun section which I am not even exactly sure where we were. What I do remember is seeing a lake or a dam and boy oh boy, the views where flippen stunning. This was another great stop for me to take a breather – yet again. Eventually we got back to the friendly staff at the start and then we chilled by the Greek pool and that was exactly what I needed … a nice ice-cold drink and my sweaty feet in a pool while my baby bike was getting cleaned and taken care of (I’m like a useless bike owner sometimes – like no, wash your damn self, baby bike!)

Luckily the helpful staff offered the service for a simple donation and they honestly do an immaculate job! Thanks a lot guys it really made my day easier. If you’re wanting to know costs, it’s R40 entrance for the trails and there are so many different options to consider. Whatever you are in the mood for, Avianto definitely has some rad trails and various to choose from! It’s a nice trail for all and caters for all riders, definitely go give it a try.

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