TAMY spent some time in the Western Cape during her holiday. She also managed to bag a slick bike while down there and ride some amazing trails.

I hope you all had an amazing festive season, with loads of booze, food and glorious memories. This is the first time in a long time I’ve been to Cape Town and I was lucky enough to borrow the stunning Intense Primer Expert 2017 29er from Intense Cycles SA (Karl Ebel) while in Paarl. What a beautiful place … probably the nicest place to test out the Primer, one day the family and I went for a chilled ride through the farms. It was only 10km but I died … I’ve become so unfit, so it really felt good to be riding again and checking out the stunning views. All the mates in and around Paarl area invited me to so many cool trails but my mom was like “I don’t like the way you drive, so you can’t use my car!”
so to get to and from places was a bit of a mission for me. Good ol’ Frank Corris offered to pick me up so we can hit Jonkershoek. I decided sweet deal man let’s do it, but because of the great wine estates and family pouring the drinks, I woke up extremely hungover for the ride! I’d love to say Jonkies was great and I didn’t complain on the uphills or that I battled at all, but the truth is, I f*cken died! I complained the whole way up the trail, having my mates Seb Charlotteaux and Tasmin Johnston push me on my back, and then them having to wait for me to walk some sections up … thanks guys and sorry again! Also, only to realise that my post dropper stem was quite low and I wasn’t using all my gears properly also didn’t help me either! But eventually we made it up to a nice flat section… seriously was blown the f*ck away, I was also so stoked that I found a beautiful natural running spring water stream, where I could refill my water bottle, like how cool is that? This bike is made for all different terrains, no matter where you ride this beautiful beast it handles everything. The views at Jonkies are just so breath-taking, so obviously we had to stop for some pics and selfies, and now my Instagram is blowing up with these stunning pics … Anyways we eventually find our trail and holy shit, looking down at it all, the switch-backs and jumps made me smile, also because I was sick of the uphill climb! So my first thought was I’m going slow cause I don’t know the trails and
also cause I’m still a little hungover, but starting on the trails, I was like this was built with love, man the trails are so slick to ride with a few dropoffs, steep rocks, super flowy trails, the Intense Primer was like heaven to me, handling all the burms, switchbacks, mini table tops, everything so well, made me want to go faster and it helped build up my confidence very quickly that I forgot I was hung over, the Primer Expert 2017 really does handle well with its new NM frame, you can definitely tell that each component was carefully selected for this beast! The suspension is so supple for this terrain, and it was a glorious experience riding the Primer in Jonkershoek. Between the bike and the trail it was such a stunning memory, I highly suggest that you get hold of Karl to test the demo, the Primer I tested was a medium and I’m quite a klein kak with weak ass arms. It was glorious to be able to pick up the bike. I haven’t done that by myself for a while and the Primer is so light, most people know that I can’t ever pick up the KTM on shuttle days or any other day, but the Primer is f*cken magical in every aspect. Now I’m at the airport reflecting on the memories I’ve made with friends and family while having a wine. To those who made resolutions, I wish you the best to achieving them, for those who had a kak 2017, don’t worry its passed, we can try again this year, for those who had big plans for this year … go get them, don’t run towards your dreams, get on a bike and ride towards them with the attitude and mind-set as possible. My plans for 2018 is to ride more often, meet more humans and make more memories … oh and the usual, try to drink less, quit smoking and eat healthier.

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