We trolled the interwebs in search of the freshest and most interesting new gear and gadgets that are hopefully coming our way in 2018.




One mountain bike that seemed to have everyone excited at the various global mountain bike shows was KTM’s Prowler 29er. This orange beast is the Austrian company’s first bite at a long travel all mountain 29er. The Prowler features a full carbon frame and uses a Horst linkage rear end with a whopping 150mm of travel. Geometry is still the “it” word these days and it seems the KTM is bang up to trend with a 67-degree head angle. Naturally the frame is Boost spaced and designed around the ever popular 1x drivetrains. Let’s hope the local KTM retailers will soon be offering this beast in South Africa.


Like it or hate it, but E-bikes are here to stay. Cannondale have been a bit late to the local full sus e-bike MTB party. Luckily for all the die-hard Cannondale fans, the brand has unveiled its Moterra 650b mountain bike. The Moterra features 130mm travel front and rear and is powered by Bosch. Pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed on these models.



It’s a trend that has risen in popularity over the past couple of years and the gravel bike scene in SA shows no sign of slowing down. Gravel bikes can be described as road bikes with dropper handlebars, longer wheelbases, disc brakes and most importantly, space for wider tires. They offer less maintenance, more affordable options and genuine adventure qualities. Full Sus will be doing a dedicated gravel bike feature in the near future. For a sub 20k entry into the world of gravel bikes, have a look at the Momsen GP300. www.momsenbikes.com


Indoor training has gone through some dramatic changes in recent years. Well-known brand, Wahoo has raised the bar once more with their Kickr Climb indoor trainer. This innovative machine will respond to virtual course data in real time by lowering the front end of your bike to mimic descents and climbs. The Kickr Climb can simulate up to a 20% climb and a negative 10% descent. It also allows your climbing muscles to be engaged more while offering an even greater riding experience.



Bicycle theft is rife in South Africa and the price of bike insurance is not helping at all. What if your bike lock was so revolutionary that it could auto unlock as you approached it or send you a message when someone is tampering with it. The Linka Lock is made from hardened steel and slides over your rear wheel to prevent it from turning. You simply press a button while the lock syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. A loud 100 decibel siren is emitted once a thief tries to steal your prized possession. www.linkalock.com


Smart helmets are a thing, and none are cooler than the Livall MT1 mountain bike version. These helmets feature some pretty cool stuff such as rear visibility lights, a gyroscope for crash detection, a built-in heart rate strap and even Bluetooth speakers to listen to your favourite tracks. You can take your geek-ness further by pairing the Livall with your smartphone to make those necessary calls while riding. If your mates have the same lids you can even chat with them through the helmet’s built in microphone.



After the massive 29er fad hit SA back in 2010/11, we saw tyre manufacturers roll out 2.25-inch tyres to help riders with more grip and stability. In the last two years however, the plus size tyre craze has expanded even further. Wider rims wrapped in chunkier tyres improve your ability when the trail heads down and you run much lower pressures on them too. We recently tested an Ibis Ripley 29er with 2.6-inch rubber which proved to be loads of fun. Some bicycle manufactures offer their bikes with the ability to swop between 27”+ and 29er tyres on the same bike. If you are looking for some options, check out



A big trend in any outdoor sport is to record all your stunts, rides and run on a video recorder of some sorts. This means to either buy a smartphone mount to fit to your bike’s handlebar or buying a universal action camera mount to get the job done. The Bar Fly 4 Prime is one such product which has been receiving a fair amount of media attention recently. The universal handlebar mount has two mounting options meaning, for example, you can attach your GoPro and a Garmin GPS unit to the same small mount. Made from durable aluminium, the Prime can be paired with the likes of Garmin, Wahoo, Polar, Cateye, Bryton and GoPro to name just a few. A cycling light can also be attached if your ride gets dark.



Lezyne are known for producing some of the coolest looking cycling components. Their latest Shock Drive pump features a digital readout while maintaining a compact size. The pump is made
from aluminium and can easily be packed into your backpack. The hose is integrated into the pump to allow for a sleek finish.


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