Winter willies don’t scare us MTBers!

“I can’t believe how quickly you lose your fitness” lamented my mate Rudy as we puffed our way around a morning ride before our planned meeting. Yip it’s frustrating and the dark and cold doesn’t make it easier to jump on the bike and hit the trails but if you don’t have a radiator, like me, then riding in the cool weather is a blessing. Of course besides the cold it gets wet too so it’s important to have the correct gear; we look at some wet weather jackets in our gear section this issue. Winter riding also means riding in the dark so don’t forget to get a good light (check out FS March Vol22 for our light test.). If you don’t have a copy check it out online at  There is a lot of good sensible winter gear out there so pop into your LBS and stock up.

This issue sees the first edition of our new Yoga regular feature by our latest contributor Joëlle Sleebos – welcome Joëlle (the last time I attempted #2  I ended up needing physio for a couple of weeks but hey I’ll keep trying), a great addition to our content – Namaste!

To get back to my after morning ride meeting; it’s a great way to get to know a client or colleagues and also to chat a bit of shop but my advice is save the serious business talk until after the ride, nothing worse than a disagreement and watching a potential deal forking off at the trail split.

I was lucky enough to take part in two rides since the last issue and really enjoyed both of them – thanks to the Houw Hoek MTB Tour and 7 Passes organisers for looking after me and also putting on two great events. You can read my ride reports in this issue and let me know if you took part and what you thought of them. Please continue to send in your ride or race reports and pics, we love to hear what your experiences are and will try where we can to publish them.

Keep warm and your lights charged (they are great for load shedding by the way!) See you on the trails!


Shayne editorial Winner

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