2014 – maximum time in the saddle!

Wow 2014! Full Sus is nearly a year old and already there are so many highs (and lows) on this wonderful journey we have begun. To say that starting a free niche newspaper in the current economic climate (although the MTB climate seems to be pretty rosy), in an industry we quickly realised we knew very little about (despite being seasoned publishers that are MTB fanatics), has been to say the least daunting. The industry seemed to think we were destined to failure and of course we also had to convince YOU the reader that Full Sus was worth its salt. I can say unequivocally that our readers, you guys, have completely embraced us and to date we have received overwhelming support. The LBS’s have also been nothing short of brilliant – ensuring we get feedback and that you get your monthly fix.

Besides our tiny team, led by Seamus and supported by Jules and Meg, we have awesome regular writers who have seen the concept and bought into it completely.  David Bristow (our pot-stirrer, camel man and friend), David George (who will no longer be a regular but is still a mate and I am sure will contribute again), Coach: Doc Mike and herb & yoghurt chick Rochez, trail-builder and activist Meurant, our own environmentalist Jean-Louise, skills master James, “I don’t work but ride trails all day” legend Jacques, the lighty and ballie team of the Stirlings (Snr who despite his age is still a race snake of note –  managing 48kgs plus a zimmer frame on a bike is revolutionary!) and of course Kath and Kate – our wild roses amongst the thorns and of course “team you” – all the reader contributions. Thank you; with all your input we have made Full Sus an SA MTB content feast. We continue to grow and will make every effort to ensure that Full Sus goes from strength to strength.

There were two particularly low points in 2013, the loss of Burry Stander and of course saying goodbye to Madiba. In MTB context Burry was well on his way to legend status, and in context of our country and the world’s, Madiba was a colossus.  Hopefully you meet up and Burry can show Madiba some of his awesome talent and Madiba will give Burry some of his magic, kindness and wisdom. RIP.

We find ourselves at the beginning of a new year. Welcome 2014! I hope that you all have a stunning year, that you get to spend more time on your bike, that you introduce at least one person to the sport and that you continue to enjoy the lifestyle of this wonderful sport of mountain biking.

 See you on the trails!

The Team:

Same as December issue, with the addition of Pierre Nel to the Contributors.


Full Sus must sincerely apologise to Avalanche and Cube, due to the editing process the specification features of the Avalanche XXIX Zero were not listed in full and the Cube Acid was not listed at all. Here are the full and correct specs:

Bike Frame Fork Drivetrain Brakes Wheels Sizes
Avalanche XXIX Zero Custom formed 6061 Alloy Suntour Raidon X3- lo29 Air Shimano Deore/Alivio/Acera Tektro Hydraulic Disc Alex DP20 Disc Hubs Double Wall 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”
Cube Acid Aluminium Lite 6061 RockShox Recon Silver Air Shimano 3×10 Shimano 395 Hydraulic Disc Cube ZX24 Disc 15″, 17″, 19″, 21″, 23”


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