Lubretta – New from Ryder Innovation

Ryder Innovation is a brand born out of 26 years of sourcing, distributing, and marketing quality cycling accessories. With their experience gained in this realm, they noticed that not many manufacturers were designing products that answered specific needs within the cycling market. They have taken it upon themselves to design, manufacture and distribute such products which are affordable, functional, and unique – while ensuring they all answered a specific problem for cyclists.

One such problem is chain lubing.

Although this process is an essential part of bicycle maintenance and plays an imperative role in the bicycle’s efficiency, it is often neglected. This is in part due to the mess associated with chain lubing but more importantly, the fact that chains are not lubed correctly to ensure maximum drivetrain efficiency.
Luberetta was designed with this in mind and provides users with a very simple solution.

A portable 15ml container with a screw-on cap allows users to fill the container with his or her favourite lube. By placing Luberetta over the inside, bottom half of the chain and simply back pedalling, each link will receive a drop of lube through the patented silicon dispenser.

Luberetta thus simplifies the lubing process whilst ensuring that each chain link receives adequate lube and in doing so eliminates waste and mess. Like all of the products within the Ryder Innovation stable, Luberetta is designed to be part of an ecosystem ensuring easy storage and quick accessibility.

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