67 Minute Ride for Qhubeka

addOn Mandela Day the Full Sus team and Trail and Tar organised a little 67 Minutes mountain bike ride to raise funds for Qhubeka’s 67 Bicycles project and to do our bit for Mandela Day. The Cape weather didn’t exactly come to the party, but we were still chuffed with the turnout. Full Sus would like to thank to all of you who joined us and extend a special thanks to the guides for the day, Diana Carolin, Darren Lill, Waylon Woolcok and Charles Keey for showing the Tokai newbies around.

Qhubeka’s 67 Bicycles project for Mandela Day aimed to raise the funds for 67 Buffalo Bicycles for children in rural areas who have to travel more than an hour to school every day. Children provided with a bicycle, the Qhubeka research shows, improves school attendence to over 80% from 65%. Even if you missed the Full Sus 67 Minutes ride, or any of the other 67 Minutes rides, you can still donate to the Qhubeka 67 Bicycles project by going to their Give ‘n Gain profile at qhubeka.givengain.org.

Next year we’re ramping it up from 67 minutes to 67km and we’d love for you to get involved. Stay tuned to Full Sus in 2015 for more info.

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