Adventure Medics Offer Medical Assistance And Standby Services

Our company, Adventure Medics, is a comprehensive solution for ensuring that your running and biking and other extreme events in particular are fully covered during a medical emergency or injury situation.  We provide comprehensive standby medical services for all unforeseen circumstances that can occur in the unforgiving risk environment of any sporting event.  Our aim is to ensure that competing athletes are provided with top of the line measures for ensuring safety and well-being at all times.  From multi-day running and cycling events to hikes and trail runs Adventure Medics is there to assist.

 We work in accordance with SANS 10366 and the requirements laid down by the sporting governing body. All our medics attending are fully trained and well- experienced.  They are also registered with the HPSCA and are fully covered under professional liability insurance.  Currently Adventure Medics is a BBBEE Level 4 contributor.

 For extreme events we provide medics with rope work experience who are fully kitted out to reach a patient, irrespective of the locality of situation of the incident.  Furthermore we provide two-way radio communication between the medics and organisers.


If you are an even organiser, or should require additional information do not hesitate to contact us.  We are looking forward to your call.


Phone: 071 509 3463

Facebook: Bike And Trail Adventure Medics


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