Ariane Kleinhans finished 2nd at the 2014 Swiss XCM Champs

Urs Huber (Team Bulls) and Esther Suss (WHEELER – iXS Pro Team) were crowned Swiss XCM Champions at Eiger Bike Challenge on Sunday. Both Huber and Suss lead the race from start to finish over the 88km course with 3800m of ascent.Ariane Eiger Bike

2013 Swiss Champion, Ariane Kleinhans, fought back to make up over three minutes on second placed Milena Landtwing (also of WHEELER – iXS Pro Team) to catch and pass her on the final descent to finish second.

Erik Kleinhans also finished strong to move up from 11th place at 30km done to 9th overall at the finish line in Ziel.

“After the Ironbike in Ischgl two weeks ago, Esther Süss and Milena Landtwing were very strong and I knew that going into today’s race. Esther rode a brilliant race, she was faultless from start to finish.

“I am sad to give the jersey away but Esther was the deserved winner on a very tough course today.” commented Ariane.


Swiss XCM Championships 2014

Eiger Bike Challenge: 88km with 3 800m ascent


1. Urs Huber (Team Bulls) 4:31’30”

2. Lukas Buchil (BiXS – iXS Pro Team) +3’55”

3. Jeremy Huguenin (VC Vignoble Cyclerc) +8’10”

9. Erik Kleinhans (Team RECM) +24’25”



1. Esther Suss (WHEELER – iXS Pro Team) 5:30’26”

2. Ariane Kleinhans (Team RECM) +10’18”

3. Milena Landtwing (WHEELER – iXS Pro Team) +11’39″

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