Baggies are rad! Kate Slegrova and Shayne Dowling test the latest Ciovita AR trail bags that have just dropped!


The new AR baggies from Ciovita are made from super light and stretchy fabric. They are slim fit and not too baggy so they are pretty but allow for enough movement.

The baggies have a waist gusset made from a moisture wicking fabric to help with sweat absorption. They also have a zip pocket on the back which is big enough to fit your phone or your car key. I really love the new navy colour.

I would maybe add a side pocket for a few tools or an energy bar. Otherwise I think they are great and a must have, especially for winter to keep the mud away from your bum. When you finish your ride you simply take the baggies off and you wont make your car dirty from all the mud. It also protects your from serious skin damage when you lose talent and fall on the trails!

They also come in a new plum colour so for us ladies we can have fun mixing the trail kit up.

Reviewer: Kate Slegrova

Price: RRP R 1299




I love wearing bags as almost anyone who knows me will testify. They just look so much better for riding in the mountain in my opinion. They certainly make walking up to a table to greet folks sitting at budgie smuggler level in the coffee shop a lot more polite. They also add a layer of protection when you slide on the hard stuff. They are definitely more popular nowadays and as a result there are a number of different brands supplying decent baggies. Ciovita have quickly become the go to brand in cycling, not only are they a local brand but they are fast becoming a global one too. That said they have launched their new AR Baggies. The baggies are aimed at trail riding so firmly up my……trail!

They are packaged in the usual Ciovita style, arriving in a box and an awesome (reusable) ziplock bag (which all of their gear arrives in – really useful for packing your daily stage race gear into). Immediately you see and feel the quality. These guys never skimp and the result is that we have begun to expect a certain standard from Ciovita and the baggies don’t disappoint. The imported nylon material just feels great and claims to be durable – I have had mine for a month and have tried to wear them on every ride – so far so good! They fit over my bibs perfectly although I did have to size up for the length of the rise, after which the comfort was incredible.

They are sold as “slim fit” and this is good as you don’t want your baggies to flap on your legs, besides being annoying they tend to balloon which causes unnecessary drag. There is a zippered pocket on the back of the bags for your keys or some such – not a pocket for keeping anything you may want on the go. Would be lekker to have a side pocket for a gel or bar or even your activity card. Space becomes a premium if you are also wearing a trail shirt which doesn’t usually have much in the way of pockets either. The two little loops inside the shorts are genius and work brilliantly with my bibs, which have a little press stud material loops that link up with the bags loops and keeps them from sliding off your butt. There is an elasticated Velcro strap that tightens on either side of your waist that ensures you have some adjustment in the waist area. I am really enjoying my AR baggies and highly recommend them – if you haven’t worn baggies before, give these a go! Great price, quality and fit.

Reviewer: Shayne Dowling

Price: RRP R1299


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