Bell Extends lead in Nissan Trailseeker Series

The second race of the Nissan Trailseeker took place at Hakahana Trails in Pretoria this past Saturday, with Bell notching up another win for his 2014 tally.

Leading the series after wining the opening race of the series, Bell was a marked man and would have to race tactically.

The first climb of the day was early on in the race, and team mate Lourens Luus set Nico up for the KOM prize. After that, the group thinned out to 6 riders, with Gawie Combrinck (EAI) setting the pace.

Bell and Combrinck got a gap, with Kachelhoffer (Altech Autopage) just behind, but he punctured and was out of contention.

“The route was quite rocky and the climbs steep with loose shale that made it difficult to get traction, but I managed to get a  20 second gap on Gawie over the half of the last climb and extend it down the other side with some rolling jeep track.”

Bell won the 70km marathon by almost 3 minutes over Combrinck, with Shaun Williams a further 2 minutes back.

The men's Nissan TrailSeeker race two podium topped by Team RECM's Nico Bell. Photo by | Nikon
The men’s Nissan TrailSeeker race two podium topped by Team RECM’s Nico Bell. Photo by | Nikon



  1. Nico Bell (Team RECM)   02:53’29”
  2. Gawie Combrinck (EAI)   +2’43”
  3. Shaun WIlliams   +4’48”
  4. Brand du Plessis    +5’38”
  5.  Stephan Reyneke   +14’08”


  1. Robyn De Groot 03:21:06
  2. Liesl Lourens +27:07
  3. Adrienne Moolman +38:47
  4. Nicolette Griffioen +41:51
  5. Nicolene Van Der Sandt +54:19

For the full results click here.

Next race will be on the 30th of August at Curro Hazeldean.


30 Aug Nissan TrailSeeker #3 – Curro
4 Oct Nissan TrailSeeker #4 – Bundu Bash
1 Nov Nissan TrailSeeker #5 – Down and Dirty
Go to for all the information about the TrailSeeker Series and to enter the upcoming events.

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