BMT Employees Granted Shares In Business

Stellenbosch – Well-known Stellenbosch based bicycle store, BMT has taken employee job satisfaction one step further by introducing the BMT Trust through which employees have been granted the opportunity to own shares in the business.

 “There is tremendous value in giving our employees the opportunity to own a stake in the company,” says Chris Norton, BMT Owner.  “The BMT Trust effectively gives 30% ownership of the BMT Bicycle Store to BMT employees.  BMT is about growth and ensuring that people obtain the necessary training and guidance to continually improve both as business people and athletes.  The goal of the Trust is for employees to understand that hard work is rewarded and that the more you put in the more you will get out.”

 “Conditions of the trust are that the person must be a permanent employee of BMT and must have worked for BMT for at least two years.  At our regular sales and staff meetings employees give feedback on their section of the store.   Each staff member is responsible for coming up with new innovations and ideas which will be implemented.  Since the announcement of the Trust we have seen a rise in productivity levels.  Although the general vibe has always been great, there is definitely an even better drive to succeed.”

 According to Thando Nthuthu, owning shares in BMT is a real blessing.  “I learn something new every day at BMT.  Having Marc and Max’s experience in the shop helps me a lot.  We work brilliantly together as a team and really have a lot of fun at work.  Owning shares feels great.  I want a bright future for my children.  By being a shareholder I have the opportunity to earn more, learn more and in so doing ensure that my children have a better start to life than I had.”

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