Bontrager 29-1 and 29-2 Team Tyres

The good people of The Bicycle Company shod Shayne Dowling’s bike in a new set of Bontrager tyres for Wines2Whales. Having considered the likely conditions Big O was decked out with the 29-1 and 29-2 Team Tyres and here’s how they coped.

Like most things MTB when choosing your equipment you are led by two things:  what you are using the equipment for and secondly budget.  The same applies to tyres.  So with Wines2Whales on the horizon I did some research, chatted to mates, top riders and the LBS to see what was out there and what options I had.  On hearing that I was considering a new set of rubber for the race the guys at Bontrager immediately sent me the tyres they thought I would need – no questions asked.  I chatted to their brand manager Thomas Rood and after thanking him asked if he was sure that he wanted me to load up the tyres for what is a tough race, he emphatically replied: “of course, we need to put our money where our mouth is!”

Frank Stacy left Specialized after 15 years and joined Bontrager in 2010 – his genius along with R&D and rider input has resulted in the latest range of Bontrager tyres.  I can say that without a doubt these tyres graft, in all terrain and weather conditions – and believe me we had all weather and terrain conditions: hectic rain and mud to hot, dry and loose singletrack.  Once I had dialled in my air pressure the tyres never quit, the 29-1 on the back were awesome on the jeep track with the perfect amount of grip combined with smooth flow, the 29-2 on the front kicked in on the gnarly stuff and gripped like sh*te on the loose.  Cornering was never a problem and not once did I feel like I was going to lose it because of my tyres.   Kudo’s to Bontrager for having the confidence to send me their tyres before the ride – it potentially could have backfired but to the contrary it did the exact opposite – I love them – Big O has new treads!

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