Buffalo’s come bounding back for 2015 dusi2c

Pietermaritzburg – The 180-plus kilogram father and son combo of Arno and GD Kotze are looking forward to continuing their love of stage racing when they return to the BSi Steel dusi2c for the 2015 edition which takes place from 20-21 June in the hope of retaining their coveted ‘Buffalo Category’ title they clinched at last year’s two day MTB adventure from Camps Drift in Pietermaritzburg to Durban’s Blue Lagoon.

The Buffalo Category was a concept first launched by the people from TREAD Magazine in 2014 at the Old Mutual joBerg2c and it has fast become a competitive yet enjoyable category to be involved in for the heftier members of stage races’ fields.

The Kotze’s raced to the category’s victory in 2014 and they will be back to defend their title this year.

Their family-owned and run cycle shop in Heidelberg means they are no strangers to the sport and its various races throughout the country yet Arno is particularly looking forward to the 2015 edition of the dusi2c because of its uniqueness.

“We did our first dusi2c last year and we will definitely be back again this year; we are really looking forward to it!” he said excitedly.

“We are really big into cycling and have done sani2c and joBerg2c before but the dusi2c really gives you something very different to the other two; it is more down to earth.”

The raw approach to the race is something that Kotze appreciates most while tackling some tight tracks with his son is something that he is looking forward to doing at this year’s Maritzburg to Durban journey.

“GD does push me a long a bit now that I am getting a bit older,” he chuckled.

“We absolutely loved the route last year because we had to take on some cattle paths and some more rugged tracks than those of sani2c and joBerg2c.

“That, along with the GPS navigation, really makes the race unique and different.

“Last year we had to cross through the river and there aren’t many of the usual farm roads that you get in the other races which makes the dusi2c a bit more natural rather than man-made and this different type of a challenge is something that we are excited about!”

Having only been introduced to the sport of mountain biking in 2013, Arno’s son GD took to the sport quickly and soon became a force to be reckoned with amongst the Buffalo’s at the various mountain biking stage races around the country.

“I haven’t been riding mountain bikes for too long but in 2014 I managed to do a clean sweep and win the Buffalo Category with my dad at the joBerg2c, sani2c as well as at the dusi2c!

“I don’t think that many people can claim that so it is quite special to be able to say I have won all of those categories with my dad,” he added fondly.

Getting on the bike and riding with his father is something that GD looks forward to on a regular basis and although they have their altercations on the route, it is often coupled with a good laugh and the pleasure of good company.

“We have a great relationship both on and off the bike as we work together and train together so we spend a lot of time in each other’s company.

“Getting along is important and our relationship has definitely got stronger since we have been riding together.

“We have the odd disagreement when we’re racing but it is very seldom and we don’t take ourselves too seriously which means that we have a lot of time to have a laugh and just enjoy riding with each other,” a relaxed GD mentioned.

GD echoed his father’s sentiments when talking about the dusi2c’s relaxed and rugged atmosphere and the Heidelberg resident is looking forward to taking on the trails again in just over a week’s time.

“The dusi2c really is the highlight of my year and I have been looking forward to this race since finishing last year’s race!

“It is a proper mountain bike race and that is one of the main reasons why I really enjoy it.

“Taking in the relaxed vibe around the whole event is something that I really enjoy as well,” he concluded.

The 2015 BSi Steel dusi2c takes place from Camps Drift in Pietermaritzburg to Durban’s Blue Lagoon on 20 & 21 June. More information can be found at www.dusi2c.co.za

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